14 Years Ago Today



Tuesday, Sept 11, 2001 a day of tragedy none of us will ever forget. None of you, I am sure will ever forget where your were or what you were doing on that fateful day, I know I won’t. Our lives will never be the same. I think it’s important to think about the events of that day and remember the lives that were lost and just how fragile our world is, I hope nothing like this ever happens again. Every year I mark this day watching the memorial service at the site and the reading of the names. You can still see the profound pain each family member feels when they read the names and it’s so sad. A new tower has been built and a Memorial has been erected, things change, life goes on, it was the day NYC closed down completely and the events of that day…

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    • Bonjour Denise – je transmets images et témoignages, car la blogueuse qui les a publiés a perdu des proches dans ce lâche attentat. Je crois que chacun se souvient comment il a été pris de plein fouet par la nouvelle. Bises – amitiés – France

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